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Hazardous Materials Incident Report
*NOTE: The following fields have been deleted or redacted from some of the reports contained in this database: Callback Phone, Number Injured, Number killed, On Scene Contact Phone, Responsible Party Contact Person, Responsible Party Callback Phone.
Incident Number: H-2012-1218
Incident Report Date: 11/20/2012 2:54:44 PM
Street Address of Incident Location: 18401 Wolf Rd
Incident Location City: Mokena
Incident Location County: Will
Entered By: Kirgan, Ken (IEMA)
Data Input Status: Closed
Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST)?: No
Caller: Jennifer Brennan
Caller Represents: Chicap Pipeline
Hazmat Incident Type: HAZMAT: Leak or spill
Incident Location
Date/Time Occurred:
Street: 18401 Wolf Rd
City: Mokena
County: Will
Area Involved: Fixed Facility
Latitude: 41.555444
Longutude: -87.890151
Media or medium into which the release occurred: Ground
Weather Information
Temp: about 50
Wind: slight
Materials Involved
Name: crude oil
Type: Liquid
CHRIS CODE: unknown
CAS#: unknown
UN/NA #: unknown
Is this a 302(a) Extremely Hazardous Substance?: No
Is this a RCRA Hazardous Waste?: Yes
Is this a RCRA regulated facility?: Yes
Container Type: pipeline
Container Size: unknown
Amount Released: estimated 200 barrels
Rate of Release/min: n/a, release stopped
Duration of Release: unknown
Cause of Release: unknown
Estimated Spill Extent: unknown
Spill Extent Units:
Date/Time Incident Occurred:
Check if Unknown (Occurrence):
Date/Time Discovered: 2012-11-20 13:00
Check if Unknown (Discovered):
WhereTaken: none
On Scene Contact: Jennifer Brennan
Proper safety precautions to take as a result of the release, including evacuation: none
Number of People Evacuated: 0
Assistance needed from State Agencies: none
Containment/cleanup actions and plans: vac truck on site, tanks and other equipment enroute
Responsible Party
Name: Chicap Pipeline
Facility Manager: Alan Hannan
Facility Manager Phone #: 708/390-5522
Street: 18401 Wolf Rd
Emergency Units Contacted
Contacted ESDA?:
ESDA on Scene?:
Specific ESDA Agency Contacted:
Contacted Fire Department?:
Fire Department on Scene?:
Name of Fire Department Contacted: local department
Contacted Police Department?:
Police Department on Scene?:
Name of Police Department Contacted:
Sheriff Police Department?:
Sheriff Department on Scene?:
Name of Sheriff Department Contacted:
Was an Agency Other than ESDA, Fire Police or Sheriff Contacted?:
Was this Other Agency On Scene?:
Name of Other Agency Contacted: Will County EMA
Agency or Persons Notified
AgencyDate/TimeName of PersonNotification Action
IEMA Region 32012-11-20 15:02emailedReport Sent
IEPA, NRTP, OSFM2012-11-20 15:02emailedReport Sent
Mines and Minerals2012-11-20 15:02emailedReport Sent
Caller advised this is the responsible party report for H-2012-1215.
Caller also notified NRC (report #1031184)